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On being Ace

This article was written for Ace Week for Alberta Aces and Aros who are featuring stories about our experience living as an ace-spec in an allo world from our community members. I wasn't able to stick to the 200 word limit so I put it all together here so it can be linked to and shared. I’m Michelle (she/they), a bilingual (English and French), ÂûDHD, melanin-deficient woman queer (greysexual panromantic sapphic) cis woman. I was born in Calgary and also lived in Québec where I completed my B.Ed. in French and a diploma in horticulture. My coming out story is on my blog and in the Queer in Alberta Storyhive interview. How did I get here? It took me half a century to be exposed words and meaning that gave me the 'aha!' moment and let me know I'm not alone and I'm not broken. This is why I'm writing this. This is why education is so important. Without language to describe ourselves and find others like us, we may spend our whole lives believing we are the on