Bike disassembly and packing for air travel transport

Bike disassembly was something I worried about.  Luckily my friend Katie lent me her bike box and showed me how to take it apart.  That made it easier but I'm still glad I had hubby to help and that I didn't procrastinate.  I took it apart a week before my race and 4 days before my flight.

To help me remember how and what to do at the other end, here are the steps and photos:

It's a Serfas SBC bike case.

dimensions 47x30x111"bike packing instructions from the needed: hex key, torque wrench, pedal wrench

Watch this silly over-simplified video:

Take the pedals off with the pedal wrench first with the bike standing up.  It's a lot easier than when the wheels are off and the bike is laying down.

Loosen the brakes and skewers and take the front and back wheels off.  They go in the bike box first on top of one layer of foam.  Put a second layer of foam on top.

Leave the front skewer in but remove the back wheel skewer carefully so you don't lose the sp…

Ironman Arizona visualization videos

To help me visualize Ironman Arizona and since people are wondering what I'm getting myself into, I'll try to help you understand and show you what I"m going to be doing with some videos below.

Ironman is a triathlon completing all of the following in this order without a break in less than 17 hours:

Swim: 2.4 mile = 3.86 km (152 lengths in a 25 m pool)Bike 112 miles = 180.25 km (from Red Deer to Okotoks)Run a marathon 22.66 miles = 42.2 km (from downtown Calgary to Okotoks)

2500 athletes in wetsuits run down some stairs before the sun is up and jump in a desert lake (Tempe Town Lake) of stormwater outfall with a concrete bottom in less than 11 minutes and swim toward the sun and back.

The swim start is a rolling start now (jump ahead to 39 seconds...) and it's one loop

In 2014 and prior, the swim was a mass start with everyone already in the water treading water...

Just watch the first 10 seconds of this mass start from 2013...

T1 - transition from swim to bike

I am...

a little scared

What's next AFTER the big race?

It's always a good idea to have something to look forward to.  When we define ourselves for too long with one focus and that is no longer needed, we can end up feeling without purpose or blue.

I definitely was out of sorts after my running evolved from learning to run in 2010 to 5K, 10K, 15K, 21K, 30K, 42K and 50K.  I knew I didn't want to run 80 or 100K so I floundered for a bit and decided to learn to swim so I could tackle a sprint tri.

Now that I have learned to swim, and tackled tris from sprint to olympic to half iron and will tackle a full Ironman next weekend, I want to have a list ready to choose from.

My intent is not to make this a task list of things I have to do.  I want this to be more like a smorgasbord or buffet of things I can choose from if I feel like it but am not obligated to do.  I want to dabble and try new things once without becoming obsessed with the next epic thing.

In no particular order, brainstormed during a long drive with important items bol…

Mantras - What do YOU repeat to yourself in a race?

I asked friends for ideas and will share what works for me as well as some new ideas others shared with me via text, email and FB.  Posting here so I can read all these great ideas in one place before my race.  I'd love it if you added yours in the comments if I missed them. 

RUN= RPG (Relax, Power, Glide). Relax shoulders & arms. Power on each step, driving arms like I’m using ski poles. Glide feet to land lightly and have my head not bob. I breathe out every 3rd or 4th breath and my footfalls among those around me sound like I’m part of a dog sled team. 

BIKE=push power forward, pull scrape back. Focus. Remember this is a race not a leisurely long ride. It will be hard to ride, pass a giant Saguaro cactus and not laugh with incredulity!

SWIM=I just rotate through body position checks (head down, chin tucked, one giggle out, reach over the barrel, climb the ladder rungs, pull all the way back, arms wide for no crossover, elbows high, hip thrust down, tiny tight kick, sight,…

Ironman - Guess how long will it take me

My biggest fear is having a nutrition malfunction and not finishing my race before the official cutoff. 

Just how SLOW can I go and make all the cutoffs to avoid being dragged off the course and ending up with a DNF (Did Not Finish).Just how FAST can I go and now start out too fast and end up bonking, hitting the wall, barfing, crawling to the finish?
To project finish time scenarios, I looked at 

some comparisons of fast, average and slower athletes who did this race in the pastmy half iron timescutoff times About the cutoff times.  If I am not at a certain place before a certain time, I get my bib and timing chip taken away and told to go home.  No medal.  No finish line.  No refund.  No wine and cheese or chocolate fondue birthday party.  Big debt.  Years spent training, learning to swim, gearing up, learning about nutrition.  That part is never a waste.  Maybe a bit of embarrassment.  Disappointment.  No more chances.  Once in a lifetime chance.  I promised hubby.  

Let's take a l…