Ironman Calgary 70.3 2017 race recap

Ironman Calgary 70.3 2017 -- Swim 1.9K, Bike 90K, Run 21.1K

I'm a first timer at 70.3 but it's not my first rodeo at this race: In 2014 I volunteered at the finish line and thought “I see myself doing this.”In 2015 I biked and ran while Keith swam for our relay team.  I was still learning to swim.In 2016 I swam while Antje biked and Jennifer ran for our relay team.  I could swim but not put it all together.In 2017 I completed my first solo half Iron 70.3. Spoiler alert.  I liked it.  What's next? The very first day registration opened in October, I signed up, quivering with excitement and anticipation.  Training through the long, dark winter was harder than I imagined.  Some days I gently paddled around in the warm, bright dive tank.  Other days I just curled up in my back seat in the parking lot for an extra hour of sleep before work.   I didn't spin much in my basement, preferring the stationary bike at work on my lunch hour in daylight.  On my first outdoor ride of the…

I'm registered for Ironman Arizona 2017!

I'm now registered for Ironman Arizona - November 19, 2017. 

Hubby said YES to Ironman Arizona 2017!!!  He may not come but he agreed to support me working toward my dream.

Thank you to Keith who taught me to swim, to all who supported me to get this far, to all who encouraged me to take the next step, and to Gord who agreed today to be my training buddy!

Celebrating now.  Details to come.  I have a plan.  

Help needed for my Ironman goal

The target audience for this post is for a coach-friend-type person to assess my fitness and readiness and outline what kind of help I'm looking for to get to my goal.  (My last post outlined my goals to explain to family and friends).

Big Goal:Full Ironman.  Once and done.  Bucket list.

I want this more than just about anything in the world.  It's not about speed.  I don't care if it takes me the whole 17 hours.  I was thinking of doing it in 2018 but for a variety of personal reasons am considering piggybacking on my current level of half iron fitness and doing a full four months after my first half.  Why do I want to do this?  I was once active, then sedentary, then Celiac, then my hubby got cancer which taught me that life is fragile and changed my perspective on what makes up a healthy lifestyle.  I changed my diet and lifestyle and got active and feel like a superhero.  Being active helps my confidence, helps me survive the winter blues and hopefully helps keep cancer …

I want to be an Ironman and stay married

But I waaaaannnnnaaaaa!  I really really want to do and be an Ironman!

What's an Ironman? 

Swim 3.8km (2.4 miles) in less than 2h20minBike 180km (112 miles) in less than 10h30minRun 42.2km (26.2 miles) a marathon Finish all of this in less than 17 hours or else you get a DNF (did not finish).  The race starts around 7 a.m. for age group non-pros like me but can take half an hour for everyone to actually start because there are so many athletes and the cutoff is around midnight.  Doesn't this sound like FUN!!!???  (To me, yes).
I have spent years preparing for this.  I know I can do this.  I want to do this.  I have a plan. I'm ready.

2010 - learned to run2011 - first half marathon2013 - first marathon2014 - first 50K ultra marathon, volunteered at the finish line of Ironman Calgary 70.3 and was Ironstruck!2015 - first triathlon.  Biked and ran on a relay team.  Keith was my swimmer. race recap.2016 - swam on a relay team.  Antje was my biker.  Jen was my runner. race recap.201…

A first post. A first video. Trying to TRI - learning to swim as an adult

Hi all.  Anyone out there? I used to blog and gave it up because it got to be too much but I'm back with new boundaries and a new focus on triathlon.

Life is busy training for triathlon races, balancing work and family, and taking care of people, pets and things.  My expectations around blogging are much different than when I tried to keep up with blogging few years ago.  Here's my first post with this, my new blog.  I plan to only write when I "feel" like it now and use it as a way to connect with others.    

First, a little about the blog name trimalkin blended from...