A first post. A first video. Trying to TRI - learning to swim as an adult

Hi all.  Anyone out there? I used to blog and gave it up because it got to be too much but I'm back with new boundaries and a new focus on triathlon.

Life is busy training for triathlon races, balancing work and family, and taking care of people, pets and things.  My expectations around blogging are much different than when I tried to keep up with blogging few years ago.  Here's my first post with this, my new blog.  I plan to only write when I "feel" like it now and use it as a way to connect with others.    

First, a little about the blog name trimalkin blended from...

- triathlon:  swim, bike, run.  
- grimalkin: old grey female cat.  

A little about me...
- I tri.  I have 5 cats.  I'm Celiac.
- trimalkin it is!

Speaking of triathlon,  would you like to see what learning to swim as an adult looks like? I did it and so can you. This video showcases my learnings over a three-year journey from dog-paddler and hot tub soaker to olympic distance triathlon with the help of a very patient friend.  Now I'm signed up for my first half iron 70.3 triathlon this summer. 

Here's my first YouTube video.  Thank you for watching!  I'd love to hear from you in the comments if you also are working on your swim technique.


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